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Mississauga Community Real Estate Tips for REALTOR® Selection


To the west of Toronto’s border is the sixth-largest city in Canada; Mississauga. It was initially developed as a suburb of Toronto, but over the years has developed its own identity and culture. Original villages within its borders are now communities within a larger city. These include Cooksville, Clarkson, Lakeview, Sheridan, Streetsville and Port Credit. The city has a bustling Town Centre known as Square One. The municipality’s economy is also thriving! More than 60 of the Fortune 500 companies have their Canadian Division headquarters in Mississauga. This area is also great for frequent flyers: Lester B. Pearson International Airport (YYZ) also finds home within Mississauga’s borders. As the housing prices in Toronto soar, Mississauga is enjoying some of that benefit. It is still considered reasonably priced for young families to migrate to the Mississauga community which is thriving and worth considering moving to!


How to Choose a REALTOR®

Mississauga is a very desirable place to live. Buying real estate in this market can best be done with a REALTOR®who knows the community well. The best brokerages have great experience with GTA living they are willing to share it with their clients. They know the market – but also personally know the schools, health centres, recreational centres and other amenities. JN Asensio is one such realty group who lives and breathes the area. They treat their clients like neighbours, because they are! This is the type of partnership that buyers looking to purchase property in a Mississauga community should look for; to get the best home in a neighbourhood that suits their lifestyle.


How do you forge these neighbourly partnerships with an experienced REALTOR®? Well start with Prospective buyers can look for REALTORS® based on location or office. Look to the Internet and social media to research different types of realty groups. Most websites will have profile pages of their REALTORS®and offer some background information. "Following” a group on Twitter or Facebook will allow you to see the clientele they have developed and the types of property they specialize in. See how active they are in the community or how they are valued by business organizations like the Board of Trade.


Choose the Right REALTOR® for You

When selecting the right REALTOR®for you, consider these questions:

  • How long have you been in Real Estate?
  • How long have you lived in Mississauga?
  • Do you work independently or as part of a team? (Teams can increase response time and availability.)
  • Do you have any vacations planned? (You want your REALTOR® to be available and focused on selling your home, or finding you the perfect one to buy.)

For sellers, research how prospective REALTORS® are out in the field by visiting some open houses. This will give you a sense of how your own home will be showcased for sale. You can also ask questions at the open house to assess how the REALTOR® will respond and treat you. Look for good agents who make eye contact and take a genuine interest in your needs and wants.


This is the person you are entrusting to sell your home, or help you to find the perfect dream home in a Mississauga community. Contact a local Mississauga Real Estate agent that is community and customer focused today!